Welcome to our frequency-104 FM!

This Year “Radio Uno” is celebrating its 5th birthday!
As an urban, city radio, mostly AC oriented, “Radio Uno” is broadcasting 24 hours a day on 104 FM stereo.
From it’s begining it became one of the most popular radio stations in Skopje and its surroundings as well.The reasons are always good musical choise, established high standard concerning talk shows, proffesional anchors & DJ’s and brilliant signal.
“Radio Uno” offers information, entertainment, education & news threw it’s programming, always with friendly and warm approach toward its listeners.
During the working hours we are Yours best companion from morning drive at 6.30 am to afternoon drive at 16.00.Our daily program from Monday to Friday consists of three shows:

1.The early morning show – “Uno espresso” from 8.00 to 11.00h with Violeta Ristovska

2.Daily program called “Studio with windows” from 11.00 to 15.00h with Jasmina Pakaski

4.NEWS FROM MONDAY TO FRIDAY AT : 8.00, 10.00, 12.00 & 14.30!

During the afternoon and evening hours we are Your best musical partner with our everydays specialised musical programes & entertaining shows:

21.00-23.00 “Lite Jazz” with Marti Ivanovski
complete show:
22.00-24.00 “Somewhere around Midnight” with Atanas Kovacevski & Maestro Eko
20.00-21.00 “Coca Cola Uno Top 15 Countdown” with Emil Hadji Panzov 18.00-20.00 “Bulls burger on Radio Uno” with Ivo II Antov
21.00-23.00 “Urban beat” with Marti Ivanovski

23.00-02.00 “Nokturno”-night programe with Jasmina Pakaski and her special guests:
Bodan Arsovski – Promotion of a new CD
12.00-13.00 “Fanta Teens Top 10” with Jana Bulukova