Cello And Piano In Skopje City Museum

Concert with cello and piano will be held tonight at 20:30 in Skopje City Museum.

The performance will be by cello artists Maja Mihajlovska and Marija Mihajlovska and piano artists Edita Hadzi-Hamza and Milan Jankuloski. They will perform works from Franke, Popper, de Falja, Boccherini, Paganini, Pjacola.

Sisters Marija and Maja Mihajlovski play the cello form their 12 year. Both are students at the Faculty of Music Arts in Skopje in Zifko Firfofโ€™s class. They have first and second place rewords at national and international competitions and have also played with orchestras.

Edita Hadzi-Hamza is a master student in Simon Trpceski class where she had graduated at FMA. She has won few rewards on regional competitions.

Jankuloski is student at FMA in Marija Gjosevska class. He has visited seminars of eminent educators.